nill-in8665nill-in80nnill-in864nill-in95nill-in953nill-in75Photography : Yvan Rodic

There’re some people you meet, you can’t see but know, immediately become friends. That’s how i feel about Yvan. I met this traveller, photographer, blogger one year ago at Istanbul Fashion Week. 2 weeks ago he came here and we had a chance to catch up after a long time.

 This A-line leather midi skirt so classic, but also has that rockin’ vibe when paired with a plaid shirt, big hat and vintage belt. Isn’t it?


Brick by brick..

nill-in943-001nill-in875-001nill-in242-001nill-in876nill-in94-001(Midnight Velvet Bells – NILL’IN HERE / Snake Belt – NILL’IN / Jacket – H&M)

 I couldn’t escape my boho ways. Now, bell bottoms rule my life and fill my closet. I’m hoping this love never ends. This leather jacket from H&M that I’m sure you’ve seen many times in my posts because i wear it to death. Sorry for that.

Florals and leathers..

nill-in975nill-in8643nill-in8649-001nil-in864nill-in05nill-in9797nill-in865(Jumpsuit – Miss Selfridge / Jacket – H&M )

I love the gloomy skies, the crisp air blowing in your face. Florals will never go out of style even in autumn and winter, trust me. A simple floral jumpsuit just makes life that much easier. One pieces, you’re effortless and i’ll always love you and leather jackets always giving my girl power.